Our Organization

"Middle school was one of the most stressful times of my life. I found myself in your favourite teenage drama, struggling to find my identity in the midst of an emo phase and never-ending homework. In between all of the angst, I made a home within my head. I carried my emotions like a backpack: on the bus to school, as I ate dinner, went to bed. I didn't realize when the bag got too heavy to hold, but it did. And I fell under its weight. 

5 years have passed, and, while I may not remember the structure of a cell, I remember what it means to keep your feelings bottled up. The Bottle Project was born from my experiences as a seventh-grader, but I hope it helps you in any stage of your life." 

-Simran Kapoor, Founder and President of The Bottle Project

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to encourage you to empty your bottle. Through this rhetoric, we hope to inspire a sense of positivity and individualism in youth, reinforcing the idea of positive mental health. You can help us accomplish our mission by getting involved here.